Retirement Training & Coaching Services, Inc. provides educational support to federal employees who want to gain a better understanding of their government benefits and prepare for retirement. All our retirement planning seminars are designed to help employees make the choices that will best support their long-term financial and retirement goals.  We offer courses for employees at all career levels.

We also provide:

  • Retirement counseling and coaching services
  • Social Security training for HR Professionals
  • Beyond Money-- a dynamic and interactive workshop focused on the non-financial aspects of retirement planning for those who are close to retirement


Check out our calendar for dates and locations of upcoming classes.

Thrift Savings

Social Security

The CSRS Annuity

The FERS Annuity

FERS Supplement

Life Insurance

Health Insurance

Medicare Benefits

Long Term Care

Retirement Training & Coaching Services, Inc.


Our retirement planning courses are generally one or two days in length. We offer open-enrollment and agency sponsored classes.

We will structure the length and format of any class to meet the unique needs of an agency wishing to host an onsite class.

We have extensive experience in the delivery of training to remote locations by satellite broadcast or DCO Connect.

Our course materials are designed to cover the needs of both regular schedule and special category employees (LEOs, FFs, CBPOs, MRTs).

Check out our calendar of upcoming classes.